Producer Mario Ortiz launches his own record label


Producer Mario Ortiz has launched his own record label, Baby Grand Records.

Ortiz, also known as Mario O, has recorded, arranged and produced numerous albums for most of the established artists in Tejano music and has also established his name in other markets.

The Del Rio, Texas native has been the music director for Jay Perez’s band, The Band, for the past nine years.

The four-time Grammy winner talked with Tejano Nation about his latest venture after performing with Tortilla Factory at the 2017 Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair on Saturday night.

“We kicked it off in January of this year, I’m not going to say who we have signed yet, but we have some very good talent,” Mario O told Tejano Nation. “Be ready for the summer, we’ll be releasing a couple of singles from a couple of the artists that we have, so just be looking out for Baby Grand Records.”

Baby Grand Records is a San Antonio, Texas based indie record label and specializes in the production of Tejano and Latin music, according to the record label’s official Facebook page.

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