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Los B-OK remake ‘Porque Yo Te Amo’ with Gerardo Sandoval [VIDEO]


Los B-OK (Los Boyz Of Kumbia) released the lyric video for the remake of “Porque Yo Te Amo” featuring Gerardo Sandoval.

The song was already a hit for Gerardo Sandoval, an artist well known in the Mexico border state of Coahuila. Los B-OK and Gerardo Sandoval Y 4a Dimension were part of the El Cumbiazo Fest, which also included Sonido Mazter, Yahari, Banda Kanon, and Chon Arauza.

“A conversation struck and we exchanged ideas as to work together on a song,” Hector Gracia from Los B-OK told Tejano Nation. “Authorized by the bosses, Felipe Zavala and Manuel Reyes, I decided to get to work as soon as we got back home. Within a couple of days we had the song squared up, ended up showing it to Gerardo and he loved the musical arrangement it had, so we gave it the last touches and came out with our version of ‘Porque Yo Te Amo’.”

The song was written by Roberto “Sandro” Sanchez and produced by Gracia. “Porque Yo Te Amo” will be available at all digital platforms soon and a bonus track on Los B-OK’s upcoming album.

WATCH: “Porque Yo Te Amo” — Los B-OK ft. Gerardo Sandoval Y Su 4a. Dimension

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