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Shelly Lares and Stefani Montiel are looking for The Next Diva Tejana


Tejano superstars Shelly Lares and Stefani Montiel are looking for the Next Diva Tejana in a new amateur talent contest that launched on Friday (Feb. 10).

The duo made the announcement via a YouTube video about “Finding The Next Diva Tejana”, a contest looking for the next female Tejano star.

“We wanted to come together and give a girl out there the chance of a lifetime, ” Montiel said.

“We have so many talented females in this industry and maybe you’re out there, you don’t know how to promote yourself, you don’t have a label,” Lares added. “We wanted to give an opportunity to a talented female out there to be a part of the Divas Tejanas.”

The Diva Tejana will perform with Shelly Lares and Stefani Montiel on April 22, 2017 during Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas.  The winner will also record a song with the duo, a photo shoot and much more.

The contest will provide high visibility to amateur and semiprofessional artists seeking a path to perform professionally in the music industry, affording them an opportunity to eliminate some of the challenges musicians typically face.  It will be an avenue to empower young women to learn from industry professionals who will be providing skills, hands on experience and guidance to ensure success in the ever evolving field of music.   

Contestants must be United States citizens that reside within any of the states and is open to all females, 18 years or older, who are not signed or committed to any management, talent representative or recording company.

Ge more details and how to sign up at

WATCH: Finding The Next Diva Tejana

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