Lucky Joe shows the struggle for dreams in ‘De Que Me Sirves Ya’ video

YouTube / Freddie Records
YouTube / Freddie Records

Lucky Joe released the official video for his hit single “De Que Me Sirves Ya” featuring Johnny Lee Rosas of Massizo on Friday (January 6).

The visual features a struggling Lucky Joe in a relationship that isn’t working out, but he continues to follow is dream, while his love can’t wait anymore for it come to fruition.  He reaches his goal, and now his ex wants to reconnect. What happens next? Watch the video below to find out.

“The video shows the struggle,” Lucky Joe told Tejano Nation. “It’s based on everybody’s struggle. Everybody’s always struggling to get ahead in life, everybody’s also sacrificing things to get ahead in life. I wanted to kind of put that into a video.”

The video also mirrored his own struggles, from his days of working as a dishwasher, a cook and more, while striving for his own dream.

The video was directed by Lucky Joe and Estevan Gonzalez and features a cameo from Freddie Records’ Freddie Martinez, Jr. making his first appearance in a music video.

“I’m so happy that Freddie Records supported me and backed me up on the idea of the video,” Lucky Joe added.

“De Que Me Sirves Ya” is the latest single from Lucky Joe’s third album, El Triunfador, released in December and is available now at

WATCH: “De Que Me Sirves Ya” — Lucky Joe

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