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Heartfelt tribute by Savannah Votion and Rick Fuentes in ‘Cuando Se Fue’ video

Savannah Votion released a heartfelt tribute to her mother in "Cuando Se Fue" video featuring Rick Fuentes.

YouTube / Ryan Bazan
YouTube / Ryan Bazan

What best describes Savannah Votion? Strong, soulful, and inspiring.

Beginning at the age of 8 with her uncle’s band, Rick Martinez,  Savannah grew up loving Mariachi music and Conjunto, learning the art of mastering and mixing sound arrangements.

In 2013, came an opportunity to shine. Savannah was a contestant on American Idol. I asked Savannah about her experience on the reality TV competition show.

“It was the highlight of my career,” Votion said.

Her judges included rapper Nicki Minaj, songwriter and producer Randy Jackson, singer Mariah Carey and country singer Keith Urban.

“You have life in your voice,” Urban said of Votion’s audition. “I can hear a lot of life, lots of struggles, highs, lows and triumphs. I can hear all of it. There is a lot of empowerment in your voice.”

Each judge had so many positive responses to Votion’s performance. The singer received the Gold Ticket, sending her to Hollywood.

The struggles have come again for Votion. In October 2016, her mom Irasema Votion, was diagnosed with cancer. Many days were spent at the hospital, many social media posts about Savannah’s pain were followed by her fans.

One of Savannah’s idols is “La Reina de Accordion”, Chavela Ortiz from Chavela y Su Grupo Express. Irasema Votion asked Savannah to put her idol’s song “Cuando Se Fue” on her album, which at first Savannah was reluctant. Finally accepting her mother’s wish, Votion recorded a remake of the song with producer Rick Fuentes.

The song is heartfelt and relates to all of us who have lost a loved one.

Music brings people together as Rick Fuentes’ father, Richard Fuentes, was a musician in the Brown Express. His father tragically passed away in 1983. Savannah told Tejano Nation that she and Fuentes cried together and gave each other strength during the shooting of the video. The singer added how she misses her mother, but she knows that her mother is proud of her success and proud of her single “Cuando Se Fue”.

Votion’s upcoming album, Diva Del Fuego, will be dedicated to her mother.

WATCH: “Cuando Se Fue” — Savannah Votion featuring Rick Fuentes


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