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Ray Ray covers ‘Perdoname’ for new single from upcoming album [AUDIO]

Posted by TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
Posted by TejanoNation Staff
Ray Ray / Facebook

Ray Ray de los Agues has released his new single, “Perdoname,” a cover of the 1992 hit from Pete Astudillo.

“I have always loved this song and knew I would cover it one day,” Ray Ray told Tejano Nation. “I hope you all enjoy it.”

The track, written by Astudillo and A.B. Quintanilla, is from Ray Ray’s upcoming sophomore album Fui Yo, expected to be released in March 2017. It’s the follow-up to his solo debut album No Se Como Fue, dedicated to his father Humberto Quintanilla Garcia.

The singer, who made an appearance in the Selena movie with Los Agues as “Grupo Fuego”, is working on an upcoming film.

“It’s called Margarita Man,” he said. “It’s directed by Danny Ramos, he wants to (show) the culture of San Antonio. It’s going to be us, Grupo Respeto and Grupo Cielo that’s going to be making an appearance in the movie.”

Growing up in the talented musical family, Los Agues, meant that Ray Ray was always surrounded by music. Los Agues were a romantic trio made up of a father and his five sons. Their unique and hypnotic style earned them many awards including Pura Vida Awards for “Best Trio” in 1994 and 1995, and nominations such as Tejano Music Award’s “Most Promising Band” in 1994 and “Best Video” in 1996. They toured extensively throughout Miami in 1996 and Mexico in 1998. “Ven a Mi” was a No. 1 hit in the 90’s and was written by Ray Ray.

LISTEN: “Perdoname” — Ray Ray

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