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Rick Fuentes forms next generation of legendary band Brown Express [AUDIO]

RIck Fuenes and the Brown Express

Posted by TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
Posted by TejanoNation Staff

A familiar face with a fresh sound is about to step out of the shadow of legend and carry forth his family legacy.

Rick Fuentes, Grammy Award-winning accordionist, arranger and producer, will be striking out on his own after over 20 years alongside Tejano icon Ruben Ramos as an integral member of the Mexican Revolution to form the next generation of his father’s group, the legendary Brown Express.

With this new project, Fuentes will craft a new signature sound, spreading his wings as bandleader, arranger and producer, vocalist and accordionist.

Backing him up on every track is the newest incarnation of Brown Express, a group of gifted musicians filled with energy and desire to make great music with one of Tejano music’s hardest working, most dedicated and talented professionals.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, with family roots in south Texas, Fuentes’ natural musical ability became obvious at an early age. His father, Ricardo “Richard” Fuentes, played button accordion and Farfisa organ for the iconic chicano band, Brown Express. As a child, Rick Fuentes would pore over each recording, picking out the keyboard parts and playing them on his own.

Tragedy struck in 1983 when Richard was on tour with Brown Express and the band was involved in a rollover accident. Richard and another band member were killed. As one would expect, young Rick was deeply affected by his father’s death, not only because he was his father, but also his musical mentor. After some initial doubts, Rick turned his grief into resolve and inspiration and embarked on a musical career his father would have been proud of.

Rick spent his early years with the legendary accordionist and Brown Express alumna Chavela Ortiz Hernandez with her new band, Grupo Express. It was a dream gig for him, especially since the sound was reminiscent of his dad’s era with Brown Express. Sadly, he only spent a few years with Chavela, before her accidental death.

After spending a couple of decades further developing his skills and talents alongside Ramos (who became like a second father to him) and a brief stint with Hugo Guerrero and Fandango USA, Rick feels it is time to step out of the shadows and not only carry on his father’s legacy, but create one of his own at the same time.

The future is bright and it’s time for Rick Fuentes & Brown Express to shine. Look for brand new material and official announcements in early 2017. Stay up to date with Rick Fuentes and The Brown Express at

LISTEN: Rick Fuentes and The Brown Express Music Montage

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