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Remedio Releases Next Single ‘Amándote’ [AUDIO]

Destiny Navaira and Rigo Navaira of Remedio. (Courtesy photo)

Grupo Remedio, winner of “Best New Group” at the 36th Annual Tejano Music Awards, is ready to hit the ground running, as they release their newest single “Amándote.”

Following the duo’s wins at the TTMA’s on November 12, Grupo Remedio want to ensure their fans are given more music to enjoy as a “Thank you” for all the support.

“This song is definitely one of our favorites on the album,” said Destiny Navaira.  “We chose this song as our next single in hopes that our fans love it as much as we do!”

Grupo Remedio set out to prove themselves as credible artists this year and it is safe to say they did that, and more. Not only did they win the award for “Best New Group”, Destiny Navaira also won “Best New Female,” while Rigo Navaira took home the award for “Best New Male”.

“We did it,” said Navaira. “Without the radio and internet, we would not have been able to reach this milestone.”

With the release of this single from their debut album Siempre Cantando, Remedio ventures into yet another new sound not heard on the radio today. “Amándote” explains the yearning for a love, something these two are not strangers of the feeling.

“I think my brother and I love this song so much because we can remember the exact feelings we are singing about,” Navaira said.  “That is why the song works. It is real.”

Tejano music is ready and in need of a strong duo to take the genre by storm and Remedio is here to stay. 

“We are definitely here to stay and hope the industry sees our hard work and determination to provide quality music for our fans,” Navaira said. “Making music is in our blood and that is not changing anytime soon.”

LISTEN: “Amándote” by Remedio

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