The Next Generation of Navaira, Remedio Is Here To Stay

Raulito Navaira Y Remedio at 2015 Tejano Music Awards Purple Carpet (Photo by Ryan Bazan / Tejano Nation)

Raulito Navaira Y Remedio at 2015 Tejano Music Awards Purple Carpet (Photo by Ryan Bazan / Tejano Nation)

Posted By TejanoNation Staff

Grupo Remedio is determined to make their name known in the industry as more than just “son and daughter of Raulito Navaira”.

With three nominations at this weekend’s Tejano Music Awards, Remedio is hoping to do just that.

Grupo Remedio is unlike many artists in the Tejano industry, not just because of their sound and performance factor, but because of their constant battle to prove themselves as credible artists.

“Making it to the Top 5 nominee list is huge for my brother and I,” said Destiny Navaira, lead singer of Grupo Remedio. “I hope that the industry sees we are serious about what we do.”

Within the past decade, the Navaira’s have gone through a great deal of ups and downs and Grupo Remedio hopes that this year ends with an ultimate goal accomplished.

“Whether we win or not, this experience has given me the fuel I need to continue to work hard and produce quality Tejano music for my culture,” said Navaira. “Our goal is to keep our culture alive and continue to do what we love to do.”

With the 36th Annual Tejano Music Awards taking place this Saturday, Grupo Remedio will hit the purple carpet and stage in a way they have yet to in years past.

“This year is different in so many ways,” said Navaira. “It will be weird not seeing our uncle Emilio on the stage this year but we are excited to share the stage with our cousins as we tribute their father and all he did for the music industry.”

Raulito Navaira is proud of his children’s tenacity and continues to stand back and let Grupo Remedio shine on their own.

“I love seeing my kids perform on stage with me,” Raulito Navaira said. “It reminds me of being on stage with my brother but now it is their time.”

Grupo Remedio prides themselves on their sound which incorporates traditional Tejano melodies, while also adding a twist that is pleasing to old and new school fans.

“I can’t wait for the entire industry to hear our music; hear us live,” said Destiny Navaira. “To us, it is not about the wins or losses. It is about making quality music and giving people, like us, hope for a better future.”

Grupo Remedio will walk the Tejano Music Awards’ purple carpet at 5pm on Saturday, November 12th.  Grupo Remedio will join Raulito Navaira on stage along with The Last Bandoleros, country singer Clay Walker and Grupo Rio in a tribute to the late Emilio Navaira at the Tobin Center in downtown San Antonio.

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