Jesse Flores Y Eskandalo mix smooth Tejano sounds with old school and country

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By Elisa Jaimez
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Jesse Flores Y Eskandalo with Tejano Nation's DJ Peaches.

Jesse Flores Y Eskandalo with Tejano Nation’s DJ Peaches.

Jesse Flores Y Eskandalo have a smooth Tejano sound mixed with a little old school and country.

On September 3, the band performed at the annual Lordsburg Tejano Fiesta in Lordsburg, New Mexico, singing some old school and Tejano, the crowd welcomed the music and packed the dance floor.

Eskandalo consists of Guillermo Garcia (Accordionist, secondary vocals), Jerry Vasquez (Bass), Rene Espinoza (Drums) and Javier Guerra (Electric Guitar) .

In 2013, the band released their debut album Vuelve A Mi, composed by Lucky Joe. Jesse Flores Y Eskandalo are scheduled to release their sophomore album before Christmas 2016.

Flores career began at the age of 14 with his first professional gig with his father. He then joined Carlos Miranda‘s band. After high school, Flores became part of the Fandango USA in 1993.  Fandango USA’s “Charanga” grew into a monster hit and won Song of the Year at the 1994 Tejano Music Awards.

In 1996, Tejano Superstar Emilio Navaira had an opening for a keyboard player and Flores fit the spot. Touring with Emilio all over the world, Jesse learned about music and different cultures, plus made many memories he will always cherish. Flores stayed with Emilio for four years then took a break from music for two years.

Flores returned to music and with other musicisians created the Tex-Mex Kadillaks from Pharr, Texas. Flores released five album with Tex-Mex Kadillaks. The band received many award during this time including:

2006- Valley Choice Awards “Most Promising Band”
2007- TTMA ‘Rising Star Group of the Year”
2007- Premios A La Musica Latina “Mejor Revelacion Del Año”
2007-Premios De Tejas “Mejor Nuevo Artista”
2008-TTMA “Most Promisng Band of the Year”
2009-TTMA Top 3 Finalist “Album of the Year”

Flores then transitioned over to his current band, Jesse Flores Y Eskandalo. Learn more about the band at their official Facebook page,

WATCH: Jesse Flores talks with Tejano Nation’s Fanny Gurl and DJ Peaches

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