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Fantacia release rock-infused cumbia ‘Cumbia Reventón’ [AUDIO]

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff

fantacia-cumbiareventonFantacia released the new single “Cumbia Reventón” on Wednesday.

This is the latest single from the Seguin, Texas based band from their upcoming third album Sangre set to be released in 2017.

“Cumbia Reventón,” written and produced by Fantacia, is an innovative, creative blend of traditional cumbia mixed with hip-hop and hard rock overtones, complete with a catchy riff that gives a respectful nod to Santana.

“We definitely are proud of our Tejano roots but have expanded our musical boundaries over the years blending Tejano, TexMex, International Cumbia and Rock,” Fantacia’s Enrique Rangel told Tejano Nation.

“Cumbia Reventón” is available now on iTunes and other platforms for digital music.

Learn more about Fantacia at their official website.

LISTEN: “Cumbia Reventón” — Fantacia

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