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Suzette Quintanilla shares color swatches of upcoming M·A·C Selena makeup collection

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff

MACSelena_EventLaunchFinal_750x375Suzette Quintanilla shared color swatches for the upcoming Selena limited makeup collection from M·A·C Cosmetics on Saturday (September 10).

“Can’t even begin to explain how cool it is to even post this,” Quintanilla posted on Facebook. “Here are the colors from the MAC Selena limited collection.”

The color swatches showcased the five eye shadow colors and four lipstick colors with different skin types. The eye shadows are named Missing My Baby, Selena, Fotos Y Recuerdos, No Me Queda Mas, and Is It The Beat. The lipstick colors are named Dreaming Of You, Amor Prohibido and Como La Flor. Most of the products are named after hit songs from the late singer.

The Selena makeup collection will debut at a launch party in Corpus Christi later this month.

“Sept 30th there will be a huge Launch party to celebrate in Corpus Christi @ The American Bank Center and will be FREE,” Quintanilla added. “And yes they will have the collection there to purchase if you want. Then OCT 6th officially in MAC Stores. So hope to see everyone there.”

M·A·C Cosmetics decided to launch the Selena limited makeup collection after fans petitioned for the product in 2015.

PHOTOS: Color swatches of Selena M·A·C Collection

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