‘Sueño Realidad’ for Xplosion with debut album

By Fanny Gurl
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xplosionXplosion just released their debut album titled Sueño Realidad on Friday, August 19, 2016.

The album contains 12 tracks, including the hits “Que Te Vaya Bonito” and “Llorando Gotitas De Sangre”.  The disc was produced by Grammy Award winning producer Gilbert Velasquez from San Antonio, Texas.

Xplosion is a family band from El Paso, Texas. It consists of six band members as follows: Jesus “Chuy” Pineda is the Lead Singer and Bass Player, Jesus “Jesse” Pineda Jr. is the Lead Singer, Accordion, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Keyboard Player, Music Writer, Jacob Pineda is  drummer, Andy Pineda is guitarist, Bajo Sexto Player, songwriter, Raymond Trujillo is the Trumpet and Backup Vocalist, Christopher Trujillo is the Trumpet, Accordion, Keyboard Player, and Backup Vocalist and Erika Pineda manages and promotes Xplosion and promises to take them to a different level in the Tejano Industry.

Xplosion has a unique Tejano style that brings a mixture of the old with the new. Their music has the old brassy orchestra Tejano with a mix of the old Conjunto and a pinch of jazz,  it’s a mixture of all the member’s best sounds. They also bring something different to the stage, they entertain the audience with their unique choreographed moves but they also engage with the audience. Xplosion is working hard on a fast path to success in the music world.

You can follow Xplosion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and on the band’s official website at Their music is available on Itunes, Spotify, and at Xplosion events.

LISTEN: “Llorando Gotitas De Sangre” – Xplosion


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