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Roy Garcia releases ‘Canta’, debut single from upcoming sophomore album

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff

roygarcia-cantaRoy Garcia released “Canta,” the debut single from his upcoming sophomore album, on Monday (September 5).

“‘Canta’ is a total feel good song that makes you feel like celebrating and loving life.” Garcia told Tejano Nation.

It’s a song about what music can do to the mind, body and soul of it’s listener.  It’s about focusing on positivity and letting go of your problems, sorrows and everyday life stressors by simply allowing the music to uplift your soul and state of mind.

“The funny thing about this song is that when I first heard the final cut of ‘Canta’, I was sitting on my balcony at home early one morning and midway through listening to the song it brought tears to my eyes,” Garcia said. “Not because this is a sad song, but because in that moment I remembered that prior to my mom’s passing in December, I had allowed my mom to listen to the demo version of ‘Canta’ and my mom immediately fell in love with it.”

“As ill as my mom was, she mustered up the strength and started dancing to the music as if she didn’t have a care or ailment in the world and that is precisely what I wanted ‘Canta’ to do,” Garcia added. “I wanted my song to make everything better, if just for a moment.  Sadly, my mom never heard the final cut of ‘Canta’ but I know she would have loved it so much.”

“Canta,” produced by Roro “Beatzilla” Gutierrez and co-produced by Mony De La Garza, was written by Juan Andres Iglesias, Lautaro Moreno and Marcos Amoroso.

Garica hopes to make the final ballot for the 2016 Tejano Music Awards “Best New Male Artist” as well as “Best New Group” categories for his debut album Solo.

The former Liberty Band and Grupo Vida vocalist is currently in the studio working on his sophomore album which will be a available soon at every major online digital retailer as well as Del Bravo Records in San Antonio, Texas.

LISTEN: “Canta” – Roy Garcia

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