Letter from mother of Joe Lopez asking for exoneration surfaces online

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff
Benita Lopez (third from left) with Joe Lopez supporters at a recent benefit.
Benita Lopez (third from left) with Joe Lopez supporters at a recent benefit. (Facebook/Joe Lopez)

A letter written by Benita Lopez, mother of former Mazz co-founder Joe Lopez, asking for his exoneration has surfaced online.

According to, the letter was allegedly sent to the Brownsville Herald to be published and aid the family in getting a new trial for Joe Lopez, but the letter was allegedly lost and never published.

“The letter that was paid for by Benita Lopez and sent to the Brownsville Herald that was never published it took Sandra Trevino to investigate what happened to the alleged letter, and was told it was misplaced and did not have any derogatory or offensive statements,” wrote Kandi Garcia of Texas Music Radio. “But we all wondered why it did not go to print?”

According to the website, Brownsville Herald publisher Frank Escobedo reviewed the letter and found that it should have been published right after Benita Lopez’s 92nd birthday on July 12, 2016. The website said the newspaper would publish the letter, but did not give an exact date.

The letter mentions the “inhumane” conditions for Joe Lopez in prison and the former singer being “abused and neglected as it relates to his medical conditions.” You can view the full letter here.

Lopez was convicted in 2006 on multiple sex offense charges involving a minor. He was sentenced to 32 years in prison, but because he will serve the sentences concurrently, they amount to 20 years in prison. Joe Lopez’s full prison term would end on October 27, 2026. He is eligible for parole on October 26, 2016.

The Lopez family has always maintained the former singer’s innocence on the charges.


4 comments on “Letter from mother of Joe Lopez asking for exoneration surfaces online

  1. To Benita Lopez … I am very sorry about the 10 year loss of your son at home where he belongs … I, as one of his MILLIONS of fans, have also wholeheartedly missed him … HIS music is pretty much all that I would listen to BEFORE he was wrongfully and unjustly arrested/convicted for a crime that he did not commit … But ever since his arrest/conviction I have been listening to NOTHING other than music with HIS music with HIS voice on it … I HOPE AND PRAY that he is released in a couple of months and that he begins singing again … I TRULY miss his voice/music … A TRUE fan … Esteban Cisneros …


  2. Something interesting was said in the press conference given by family members, the person who is imprisoned comes out the same age as they went in. I find it ironic that in some cases, the victim also stays stuck in the age the abuse happened. They are not in prison themselves but imprisoned in their own minds. They are faced with living and being stuck in that time of abuse. The abuser serves their time and goes on with their lives as the abused lives with the scares forever. What a tragic thing to happen to a child and a tragic thing to happen to such a talented person. Both their lives get filled with chaos one by their own decisions and the other by the decisions in the adult they trusted.
    Visit for information about how victims deal with their tragic events, etc. and other statistics that may help people understand.


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