Tejano Music Awards Showcase set for July 8 – 9 in Monterrey, Mexico

By TejanoNation Staff

tmashowcaseThe Tejano Music Awards are set to showcase some of the best artists in the genre to Tejano music fans in Mexico with the Tejano Music Awards Showcase in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon on July 8-9, 2016.

The two-day showcase kicks off with scheduled performances, including a meet & greet, dance and autographs, featuring “Little Miss Dynamite” Shelly Lares, Los Desperadoz and Los Texadoz at Far West Rodeo in Monterrey on Friday, July 8.

The following night, Saturday, July 9, at Far West Rodeo features performances from Marcos Orozco, Shelly Lares, Texano Live, David Marez, Stefani Montiel, Ram Herrera, Ricardo Castillon, David Farias and special presentation from Raulito Navaira Y Grupo Rio.

For more info see the flyers below or to get the latest info on the Tejano Music Awards Showcase in Monterrey visit or

Since 1980, the Tejano Music Awards and various other special events produced by Texas Talent Musicians Association have provided a forum to create greater awareness and appreciation for Tejano music.

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