Facebook live with Erika De La Rosa from ‘Eva La Trailera’ on April 4

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BY La Gringa Novelera TV Contributor @GringaNovelera

BY La Gringa Novelera
TV Contributor

Que tal!

Today! Hoy!

Don’t miss a chance to talk with the fabulous Erika De La Rosa live on Facebook!

I have no idea exactly how to participate in a Facebook interview, but I put my faith in Erika, who plays the incredibly awful yet always impeccably made-up Marlene Palacios in the MyTruckIsBetterThanYours telenovela ‪#‎EvaLaTrailera‬!

Erika ‘s characters always get the job done, no matter how evil.

I want to ask her where she gets that lipstick from, and to ask her to teach me how to say “Que?? COMO??” with just the perfect mixture of disbelief, contempt and even more contempt.

I wonder if Marlene will slash the tires to Eva’s gleaming new truck that Eva just parked on the perfectly manicured front lawn,
or more to the point just
try to slash her throat instead.

I have been Erika’s biggest fan since I first saw her in ‪#‎LaPatrona‬! Her character “Ireni” was unforgettable!

I loved her as the evil, mixed-up prosecutor who dated and prosecuted El Don Chema at the same time in ‪#‎ESDLC‬ until he killed her on a date in his cave by giving her poisoned fruit to eat, which is why I avoid fruit for dessert.

And who can forget her in ‪#‎BajoElMismoCielo‬, where she went from restauranteur to Gang Leader to living in a box with no makeup on to running an orphanage.

She is GREAT in everything!

Don’t miss your chance to talk to Erika today, and watch Eva La Trailera tonight on ‪#‎Telemundo‬!


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Thomas J Henry

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