E.L.S.A. Foundation names Rudy R. Treviño as Executive Director of Special Projects

Rudy R. Trevino is the new at ELSA. (Courtesy photo)
E.L.S.A. names Rudy R. Treviño as Executive Director of Special Projects. (Courtesy photo)
By Tejano Nation Staff @TejanoNation
By Tejano Nation Staff

SAN ANTONIO, TX – The Entertainment Legends of San Antonio (E.L.S.A.) Foundation has named Rudy R. Treviño as it’s new Executive Director for Special Projects, the foundation announced on Monday.

Treviño is a former Educator at San Antonio’s Lanier High School, co–founder and former Executive Director of Texas Talent Musicians Association (TTMA) and co-author of the novel Los Tejanos.

“E.L.S.A. Foundation is organized exclusive for charitable, social, cultural and educational purposes. These purposes include: To preserve, foster and promote Tejano/Latino culture through art, music, film, dance, comedy, radio, television and any future media,” E.L.S.A. founder Trini Barragan said in a press release. “I feel Mr. Treviño is very qualified to head our Special Projects. We look forward to working with Guadalupe Contreras as Administrative Assistant. Mr. Contreras is the Former President of the Board of Directors of Texas Talent Musicians Association, producer of the annual Tejano Music Awards.”

“New and exciting projects in the music industry and in the world of art will be ones of the first projects on our radar,” Treviño said about his new position.

E.L.S.A. members and staff were very excited about Treviño’s appointment.

“If there we ever a proponent of our cultural music, it is my tocayo Rudy R. Treviño. He is the embodiment of Tejano. I speak as a humble broadcast journalist since I witnessed his drive from day one. It was late November of 1980 when Rudy and Gibby Escobedo approached me just outside San Antonio’s city hall. As a reporter for KTSA-KTFM they wanted me to help them spread the news of the creation of the Texas Talent Musicians Association. It’s was Rudy’s passion and intuitiveness of our industry then, that set the pace for its eventual future and historic presence. Kudos to the man who’s forward thinking helped give birth to La Onda,” E.L.S.A board member and broadcaster Rudy Treviño said.

“Rudy is a cultural trailblazer fueled by a great passion of hope, desire and ganas,” said musician, creative and advocate Ruben Cubillos,

“As co-founder of the Tejano Music Awards, Rudy was instrumental in the tremendous growth the Tejano industry had during his time as the leader/director of the Tejano Music Awards. His work led to the Tejano Music Awards being as prestigious as winning an American Grammy to our artists,” said freelance journalist and photographer Hernando Abilez. “His leadership helped to bring major sponsorships and endorsements for our Tejano artists, such as Emilio Navaira and our beloved Selena Quintanilla Perez, etc. He is revered and respected by everyone in the industry today.”

“I’m excited that Mr. Rudy R. Treviño is coming on board the ELSA Foundation, for he is a man of great influence when it come to Nuestra Onda Tejana and will do whatever it takes to get things dine,” said Crazy “Chuy” Hernandez, owner of Chicano Express Radio.

“Rudy R. Treviño plays a very important role in our music, here is hoping you consider coming back because leadership is not a position or a title, it is the action and example,” said Tejano artist Oscar G.

“Congratulations, Rudy! The recent announcement of being named Executive Director of Special Events for the ELSA Foundation is awesome news! Your return in being involved in the Tejano music industry is what Tejano music needs,” owners Joe and Angie Carreon said. “We promote Música de ayer, de hoy y para siempre!, are ready to assist you and the ELSA Foundation in the promotion of Tejano artists, Tejano events, and Tejano music!”

“Congratulations Rudy R Treviño, a name very well recognized in the Tejano genre of music. Known and recognized as the founder of the Tejano Music Awards and very instrumental in bringing awareness nationwide of the Tejano music genre,” Tejano Tiempos Pasados owner Chente Aranda said. “Very well respected by his peers Tejano artists and music industry professionals. Rudy will provide ELSA Foundation with his well-documented experience and expertise in our growth headed further into the 21st century. Once again felicidades and congratulations Mr. Rudy R. Treviño!”

“Welcome and Congratulations to Mr. Rudy R. Treviño, to the ELSA Foundation,” said Alfred Gordy Rodriquez, Program Director, Radio Consultant and On Air Personality on “Rudy has been instrumental in building the foundation and growth of the Tejano Music industry, co-Founder of the TTMA, his new novel, his business knowledge and great personality will be an asset.”

The ELSA Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded to preserve, foster and promote Tejano and Latino culture and keep it relevant for future generations.  Learn more at

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  1. Rene Cabrera

    It’s great to see someone of the quality of Rudy Trevino to be named to this post. His naming to this post alone, gives it the quality necessary to move it forward toward success. Congratulations to Rudy Trevino.


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