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La Gringa Novelera: ‘Bajo El Mismo Cielo’ [Recap 10-20-15]

By Gringa NoveleraTV ContributorTwitter | Facebook
By Gringa Novelera
TV Contributor
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In the #‎Telemundo‬ telenovela #‎BajoelMismoCielo‬ the poor drug-addicted runaway who managed to keep up a great blowout despite her tough life on the streets, who El Faier kidnapped, drugged and tattooed so she would look like Adela so he could get El Faier off his back when she turned up dead, finally hung herself.

First of all, I have heard of bad breakups, but I have never heard of a man driving a woman to suicide to save the life of the woman he loves who happens to look just like her.especially when that woman is his father’s girlfriend.

Second of all, what I would like to know is if when El Faier went looking for a woman to kidnap, drug, tattoo and drive to suicide so that he could pass her off as Adela Morales, was he looking for a girl with bangs as great as Adela’s?

I’m guessing yes, because tattooing and driving to suicide is one thing.
What’s not so easy is recreating a great hairdo.
Especially when you are a gangster and not a hairdresser.

Now poor LaSharon is spending her 18th birthday in the clubhouse of LaColonia, and ‪#‎ElColmillo just called her “Willicita” because she is Willie’s little sister.

This is about the worst thing that I can think of that can happen to a beautiful girl on her 18th birthday.

Or 81st birthday.

I LOVE this telenovela!!


2 comments on “La Gringa Novelera: ‘Bajo El Mismo Cielo’ [Recap 10-20-15]

  1. Gayle Benitez

    More recap
    Deborah is intense against her former best friend now that Suzy is no longer welcome in their hotsy totsy school. Where will she and Luis run to when the Sanders try to send her to France?
    Maria and Isabella kicked Rudolfo out. Yay! No one deserves it more. Poor little Alex steals the show. Cristobal is too good to be true.
    Juana and Santiago are planning a wedding. Cool.
    Last night, I said why doesn’t anybody ever look out the peephole before they answer the door? Mi Marido contesta, ‘It’s a Telenovela! What do you expect?’


  2. Gayle Benitez

    Hola otra vez
    Last night, what happened to Sharon was awful. I hope all the young girls out there with bad boy complexes were paying attention.
    Now Willy knows about the baby and believes it is his. Poor Felicia. She has a choice between a man who does not love her and an assasino who does. Before this is all over, will everybody pay for all this murder and mayhem?
    Rodrigo and Greicy are going to make a run for it. Besides opening doors without knowing who is out there, I have been wondering all along, ‘Why doesn’t anybody just move away?’
    It’s a telenovela. What do I expect?


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