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Gringa Novelera Preview: Premios Tu Mundo ‘El Malo Mas Bueno’ – Super Series

By Gringa NoveleraTV ContributorTwitter | Facebook
By Gringa Novelera
TV Contributor
Twitter | Facebook

In the Race for the #PremiosTuMundo on #Telemundo, which is only about a GAZILLION times more important than the Race for Space, or the Arms Race, this category is the toughest if you ask me: “El Malo Mas Bueno,” which means “The Best Bad Guy” (I THINK that’s what it means – I am still learning Spanish from telenovelas.)
The actors shown are (clockwise) Juan Pablo Llano and Miguel Varoni from #DuenosDelParaiso, JoseLuis Resendez from #SenoraAcero, and Mauricio Ochmann from #ElSenorDeLosCielos.

I know we all have our favorites, but to tell you the truth, I couldn’t pick a favorite if I had a fully-automatic weapon to my head, something anyone of these four are perfectly capable of doing, and for far less than a Major Award like the Tu Mundo.

I think it should be a four-way tie because it’s impossible to pick a winner , and each one of them are very special in their own, insane way.

For example, in #DDP, Juan Pablo Llano played “Ignacio Elizondo,” who was sort of a life-sized Minion or Mini-Me to Miguel Varoni’s character. He was so deranged, so intense, so evil, yet he had a great head of hair – perhaps the best I’ve seen. I heard that in Miami they are building a National Monument to his bangs. I don’t know if he really had a soft spot for Paola, but he sure had an unusual way of repeating her name about a thousand times every episode. I think he was actually trying to hypnotize her and that is why she finally agreed to marry him. He played a guy who was so scary that if you were walking down the street and he was walking towards you, you would definitely cross to the other side and hope that ridiculous trick worked.
Towards the end of the show, Kate Del Castillo shot off his penis on his wedding day in revenge for him having kidnapped her and raped her on her birthday. Gracias a Dios this did not affect his hair in any way.

Look for more to come on this fantastically crazy quartet in the coming days!

Premios Tu Mundo airs  August 20, 2015 at 7pm/6c on Telemundo.

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