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La Gringa Novelera: El Senor De Los Cielos 3 [June 25, 2015]

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Estas listo for the Narco Medical Center Novela ‪#‎ElSenorDeLosCielos3 on‪ #‎Telemundo‬?

If you’re not, preparate!
Because what is happening on the show is EXACTLY why I love Telenovelas.

Right now, there is no show more insane and more surprising than‪#‎ESDLC3‬.

El Senor has a very bad ticker, and last night he had what I think was an Angiogram in the hospital in Michoacan.

If you think it’s tough to learn Spanish from telenovelas, it’s even tougher to learn Medicine!

He had been having chest pains at the NarcoConvention in El Don Feyo’s living room because Monika showed up uninvited and wearing red (the same color she will wear at his funeral), and she was mean to him in front of the other Narcos.

So he took to his bed.
Which was actually the spare bedroom in El Don Feyo’s rancho.

His recuperation from the heart attack involved the totally off-limits La Condesa prancing around his sickbed with glasses of water, acting totally alluring, and his whole family showing up, including the extremely vampy La Rutilla, where all they do is lay in bed with him and yell at each other.

Lately the Casillas Family is like the telenovela “Modern Family.”
Or the telenovela “Arrested Develoment.”

Either way you can’t go wrong.

So right before El Señor leaves for the hospital, he has a huge make-out session with LaCondesa.
While her poor husband is on the phone with the doctor working out where to send the bill!

But not to be outdone, Don El Feyo has a few moves left of his own, and
while Aurelio was undergoing the angiogram, while he was under the knife (which is also usually under the gun in Narco surgery),
Don El Feo was openly hitting on El Senor’s mother, Dona Alba!!

And she is giggling like a schoolgirl in her extra-special twinset that she bought especially to wear in Michoacan.

Do you think you’ll see this anywhere else?!?

Only on #ESDLC3 on #Telemundo!!


Ok- it’s starting!!

See you later…

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