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Preview: Siggno, Vision at OK Corral on June 12

By Piper LeMoine Contributor
By Piper LeMoine

(AustinVida) – Friday June 12 will be a doubleheader at OK Corral. In the past couple weeks, the southside venue has hosted Regional Mexicano with Erick y Grupo Massore, Tejano with Los Palominos, and this week they’ll venture even further with Santa Rosa-based superstars Grupo Siggno and special guest, San Antonio’s own Grupo Vision

Siggno is hard to classify. While they have been one of the most successful groups in Tejano music in the past few years, they also won the 2008 Latin Grammy for best Norteño album, won the 2013 Tejano Music Award for best Norteño Album, and frontman Jesse Turner played drums for Conjunto legend Ruben Vela. Looking at their “guy-liner” and heavy makeup on stage, they could be mistaken for a late 80s hair metal band, but there’s also a bit of urban edge to Turner himself. The group’s latest album, Zodiacal, was released in December 2014.

The multi-talented Turner writes songs, plays accordion and a number of other instruments, and won Entertainer of the Year at 2013 Tejano Music Awards. He also took home Best Male Vocalist honors at the 2011 and 2012 Tejano Music Awards, snapping the 8-year winning streak of Tejano superstar Jay Perez in the category. His award-winning duets with Elida Reyna have also been enormously popular, helping to further propel both of them into superstar status.

Joining Siggno (and making their Austin debut!) will be Grupo Vision. Described as “Norteño Lite,” their smooth sound is remarkably similar to Siggno or Intocable. Their vocals and accordion all compliment each other well on their easy-going rancheras and will be a big hit with the crowd here in Austin. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are invited back again soon. Their 2014 album, En Tus Manos, is available everywhere and features a duet with big-time Tejano and Conjunto star, accordion master David Farias.

Long story short: Siggno always puts on a great show, and their massive popularity in the ATX pretty much guarantees a packed house. Look for Vision to earn a club full of new fans too.

OK Corral is located at 629 W Ben White Blvd, at the southeast corner of Ben White and South 1st. The doors open at 8 p.m. The cover charge is $20 all night. 18+ are welcome. For more information, contact OK Corral on Facebook.

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