Lucky Joe’s van hit by drunk driver [VIDEO + PHOTO]

Lucky Joe Facbook Photo
Lucky Joe Facbook Photo

An alleged drunk driver crashed into the van of Lucky Joe, while the Tejano artist was peforming Mother’s Day serenatas early Sunday morning.

“I would like to apologize to the people that hired me for serenatas. Due to a drunk driver that hit my vehicle while parked in front of house where I was doing a serenata, I wasn’t able to finish the night. I apologize friends. Luckily no one was seriously hurt,” Lucky Joe posted on his official Facebook page.

Lucky Joe’s girlfriend, Monica Garcia, was in the van when the accident occurred and received minor injuries.

“It was scary. Didn’t expect it. Got banged up a bit,” Garcia posted on Facebook. “Thank God the drunk driver and myself were able to walk away alive.”

Lucky Joe later posted a video of the incident.

“I ask that you share this and give awareness to those who drink and drive,” Lucky Joe said. “Thank God no one was hurt.”

Watch video of Lucky Joe performing a serenata as van is hit by alleged drunk driver.

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