Beatriz Y DeZtino delivers second single from debut album

lacartacdBeatriz Y DeZtino delivered the second single, “La Carta”, from the debut album Mi Tesoro on Monday.

The fresh new track, written by Jason Martinez from Grupo Vida/Electric Cowboys,  is guaranteed to move your feet and take your partner out on the dance floor.

“This style of Tejano/Conjunto based song has never before been attempted by a female artist in this industry,” according to the single’s press release.

“La Carta” is about a person wanting to write to the love of his/her life to tell them how much he/she loves them. With a strong accordion base in the song, Beatriz is sure to cross over to any genre with this new track.

The song and album are available at your favorite online retailer.  Get more info at the band’s official website,

Listen to “La Carta” from Beatriz Y DeZtino

1 comment on “Beatriz Y DeZtino delivers second single from debut album

  1. Sonia correa


    I can’t help it! It makes me move no matter where I’m listing to it…on the car, at home, at work, it moves my soul..Great Job! The lyrics remind me of my teenage years writing and receiving love letters. Thank you all for taking me back…lol


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