What’s in the Last Name like Pulido? Newcomer Madison Pulido establishes her path in Tejano music

The young singer begins her journey in the Tejano industry with debut single 'Porque Sera'

Spring is here. There’s a new songbird on the scene and her name is Madison Pulido.

This angelic face, cherubic cheeked, Stetson hat-wearing young lady with a divine heavenly voice just made her live performance debut at last month’s Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair where she won over her first fans. 


Children from toddlers to pre-teenager were drawn to her like a magnet when they heard her warble the first notes reacting as though she was their pied piper of the song. Her delightful vibrant personality and playful banter drew teenagers in for a closer look. Perhaps it was because her wholesome, scrubbed looks and persona that oozed out sweetness and innocence gave the audience a refreshing restoration of old values in that Madison was not among those wearing provocative outfits because sex sells. 

It was her natural God-given vocal talent that made everyone stand mesmerized in front of the stage. And once everyone heard her hit every note as she carried each tune with the ease of a pro, they were hooked. Madison sold herself on sheer talent and the strength of her catchy debut single, “Porque Sera.” 

Now to answer the question that inquiring minds want to know. Is Madison Bobby Pulido’s daughter? Before the hearsay, rumors, and wagging tongues get out of hand and, before someone gets hurt, the answer is a big “no.” Her father’s name is Rick Pulido. His parents’ names are Ricardo and Irma. His grandparents’ names are Arnoldo and María Luisa Pulido.  

The father of Tejano legend Roberto “El Primo” Pulido is José “Chuy” Pulido whose brother, Leonel Pulido headed Los Cardenales before joining his nephew Roberto’s Los Classicos. Roberto’s grandfather was José Santos Pulido, and his three brothers were named Prajedes, Luz, and Francisco.  

The bottom line is that the relationship between Madison and Bobby’s forefathers dates back five generations, so they are fifth cousins at best. This was clarified and verified by both sides of the Pulido family. 

Madison’s natural innate talent is on her maternal side – Michelle García. And it dates back to her grandparents, Carlos “Popo” García and Rosario née Espinoza, who both sang. In addition, her father and mother, Rick Pulido and Michelle García are known for their contest-winning vocals on the karaoke circuit. 

The first musical milestone in Madison’s life occurred in January 2021 when she and her mom entered the Houston-based “Buscando Talento con David Olivarez” contest, 

From this point on, fate seemed to step in, like opening for A.B. Quintanilla’s Kumbia Kings with Grupo Zueldo. Next, Madison was discovered by singer-songwriter, now record producer Lorenzo López.  

“He in turn had Brando Mireles write the musical arrangement and played keyboards on my recording of ‘Porque Será’ which Lorenzo wrote,” Madison said with great pride. 

“That song is now available on all digital platforms, and my soon-to-be-released music video for the single should be coming out any day,” she added.

Also touching on her latest news, the amazing five-feet-four-inch-tall powerhouse of energy was proud to announce that she was just nominated “Best Uprising Female” at the Fourth Annual All-Star Music Awards to be held at the Arneson River Theater in San Antonio on Monday, May 30.

In the meantime, Madison is available for live performances utilizing tracks by calling Michelle García at (832) 588-1630. For more information, check out Madison’s website at 

To read the entire article, pick up a copy of StreetTalk magazine at any of its distribution places in San Antonio.

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