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Manager for Joe Lopez releases statement on singer 30 days after prison release

The manager for Joe Lopez released a statement about the former Tejano singer 30 days after his release from prison.

On April 16, Sandra Vallejo posted a statement online that said, “We are blessed to have Joe home, however release was never our goal – exoneration has always been our mission and priority from day one! Joe is safe and ready to have private time with his immediate family only at this time. We ask that you respect the privacy of Joe and the Lopez family. Once Joe is ready to see the public, we will let you all know. Please allow him time recover for the last 11 years and 5 months!”

Lopez was released from prison on March 16. He had been in prison since November 20, 2006 after he was convicted of sexually assaulting his niece.  The victim’s father — Joe Lopez’s brother — signed a sworn affidavit saying his daughter’s outcry was false. To this day, Lopez claims he’s innocent.

“Please understand, per our legal team, we are not at liberty to discuss our exoneration process due to the integrity of this case,” Vallejo added. “Judicial updates will be posted on our website, www.JoeLopezMazz.com, periodically.”

The 67-year-old co-founder of Grammy winning group Mazz was sentenced to 32 years in prison in 2006. He was sentenced to 20 years for one count of aggravated sexual assault of a child, eight years for a second count of aggravated sexual assault of a child and four years for indecency with a child, since Lopez was serving his sentences simultaneously, he was ordered to serve 20 years in prison. He was granted parole in 2017.

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Lopez’s release has several conditions: he will undergo supervised parole through Oct. 31, 2026; he must not have contact with his niece or enter Harris County, where she lives; and he will have to register as a sex offender.

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3 comments on “Manager for Joe Lopez releases statement on singer 30 days after prison release


    I’m so so glad Joe Lopez is out. Hope to see him singing soon at New West here in Dallas Texas. Best of luck to you Joe. You have my full support. Take care and may God bless you. Nos vemos pronto con The Real Mazz!!!


  2. carmen hernandez

    Ok so if Mr.Lopez will not be allowed to enter Harris County, how is this gonna affect his singibg career if he does decide to sing again in the near future?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Martha Ortiz

    I hope that justice will be served for this man bc 10 years is a long time behind bars if in his heart he knows he is innocent it must have really been tough enough to loose your mind but he looks good and strong thanks to his supporters and first his family and the power of Christ our Lord he is still kicking! Best of luck to Joe Lopez


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