Abraham Quintanilla responds to harsh criticism of Chiquis Rivera’s Selena tribute for Premios Juventud

Selena’s father commented on criticism over Rivera’s performance.

Photo courtesy of Univision

Abraham Quintanilla responded to the harsh criticism that singer Chiquis Rivera is receiving for her Premios Juventud tribute to Selena Quintanilla.


Quintanilla, Selena’s father, commented on the Selena Quintanilla-Perez Fans Facebook group to the critics about Rivera’s performance.

“You people need to stop the critic I think she done a fair job,” Quintanilla commented. “I know that Selena would have congratulated her, that is the kind of person Selena was. If Chiquis felt like singing the songs as a tribute Me and my family are ok with it, many girls sing Selena’s songs and its an honor that they do that.”


Premios Juventud 2016 is planning a retro/throwback theme for this year’s broadcast. As a result, it had been announced that Rivera would be paying tribute to Selena, a lifelong idol of the 31-year-old singer.

“I’m singing two songs from a woman I admire very much and to sing in mariachi is proud,” Rivera told Univison about the performance. “When I was on stage singing, I thought ‘please help me, I want to do a good job for you, you deserve it’ and thought movements because at the same time I wanted to be Chiquis.”

The singer traveled from Los Angeles to Miami to record a special tribute video for According to Univision.comRivera changed her hair from blonde to black with a wig, wore rose red lipstick and chose a special dress to go on stage and give her heart in this throwback performance.

Rivera sang Selena’s hit songs, “Si Una Vez” and “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” in never-before-heard mariachi versions.

Criticism, memes, and negative comments quickly appeared on social media. The singer knew that making this special tribute would generate controversy.

“Thank you personally to Selena’s family for giving me the opportunity to express myself in this way with such important songs that I love,” she said.

Chiquis has been nominated for Mi Artista Regional Mexicano and is confirmed as one of the many stars who will perform at the thirteenth edition of Premios Juventud, which take place on Thursday, July 14 at 7 PM/6c on Univision.

WATCH: Chiquis Rivera peforms “Si Una Vez” and “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” for a Selena tribute.

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5 comments on “Abraham Quintanilla responds to harsh criticism of Chiquis Rivera’s Selena tribute for Premios Juventud

  1. Steve Silvas

    De un artisra a un.
    Lo hisiste muy bien.He mirada unas que tratan pero les falta la parte de artista y voz.Y otra Selena no tomaba.Y si tomaba que yo no requerde no lo hasea en stage toda totiada.
    Felezidades en tu carrera.


  2. jeanette Loya de Camacho

    People really need to get over it, Chiquis you did an amazing job, if Selena’s family are not upset by this then who are you to judge, Chiquis is only Paying tribute to Selena she is not trying to be her, so stop already with the child’s play. You go Chiquis you got this don’t anyone tell you different!


  3. I think she did a great job, very professional, great voice and it was a nice production, I don’t see what all the fuss is about!


  4. Stephanie Valdivia

    Why does Abraham get upset when the Original KK members sing the Selena songs on stage it’s fans requesting them to sing? It’s no different than Chiquis singing! Or is he just doing it for show because of the Rivera fan base! Chiquis is talented and beautiful awesome she did this tribute! I just think Abraham should be honored that artist like singing Selena songs and fans love it! God Bless


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