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Magali Delarosa releases ‘Gracias Mamá’ song + video for Mother’s Day

The Rio Grande Valley native shares her version of the faith-based song for Mother's Day.


Singer and songwriter Magali Delarosa has released her latest single and video, “Gracias Mamá,” just in time for Mother’s Day.

“A very special song for all the women of the world,” Delarosa posted on the video’s YouTube page. “Thank you to all the beautiful women and mothers that inspired these words and video.”

The faith-based song was first heard by Delarosa’s father, Carlos Delarosa, at the church he attends. The church’s co-pastor, Tacho Rivera, who was the lead vocalist of the legendary Rio Grande Valley quintet Los Unicos, performs the song, written by Francisco J. Garcia, during services.

“My dad sent it to me and I immediately fell in love with the lyrics and the story behind it and told him I wanted to honor all the mothers and beautiful women of the world,” Magali Delarosa told Tejano Nation.

Her father and her engineer/band leader Mike Perez of MAP Music rearranged the song for the singer’s vocal range. “Gracias Mama” was composed in Brownsville, Texas, and recorded at Echo Studios in Riverside, California.

“I hope all that hear the song really enjoy it,” said Delarosa. “This song is also dedicated to women who take on the role of being caretakers and mothers. I feel there are many women that do not receive the recognition for playing this role in someones life because they are not considered mothers in the traditional way, and this song is from my heart to theirs.”

The beautiful and heartfelt visual was shot in Riverside, California, under the direction of Jeff Bergman with the assistance of Katie Bergman.

“I had a very specific idea I was going for with the video, and luckily found the perfect wardrobe and location,” Delarosa said. “It was very important to me that my culture was captured in the video and in the look. The video was inspired by all the women you see in the photos. I am very blessed to have a big family with wonderful women that I have looked up to, especially my mother. A special thank you to my relatives for allowing me to use their photos in the music video. This was a fun video to shoot, so far one of my favorites.”

This special project comes at a very special time in singer’s life having just signed with Tambora Records International.

“Gracias Mamá” will be available on iTunes this week and a percentage of the sales from the song will be donated to a women’s charity.

Learn more about Magali Delarosa at her official website,

WATCH: “Gracias Mamá” by Magali Delarosa

7 comments on “Magali Delarosa releases ‘Gracias Mamá’ song + video for Mother’s Day

  1. Fantastic and interpretation by this young artist,man what pipes!


  2. Great song,


  3. WOW,what a song,what a singer!Gonna send it to my Mom.




  5. Frank W.

    Some get teary eyed, most are deeply moved. Awesome song not just for mother’s day; has versatile theme. I carry ‘Gracias Mama’ in my iphone. I play it there to my friends.


  6. Bring a box of tissues.


  7. It makes me remember mi Jefita,love this song ,love this kid that sings it.


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