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La Gringa Novelera: Deborah is obstacle for Jacob and Maria affair on ‘Bajo el Mismo Cielo’

By Gringa NoveleraTV ContributorTwitter | Facebook
By Gringa Novelera
TV Contributor
Twitter | Facebook

Here, #‎Telemundo‬ is telling us that the latest news in their telenovela#‎BajoelMismoCielo is that Mr Jacob wants a divorce from that battleaxe of a wife of his, Deborah, and that Deborah is now an impediment to Mr Jacob hooking up with Maria, who is currently living with her husband Rudolfo’s former mistress and their combined children, while the husband is OUT!
A storyline I love more every day!

Back to Deborah.
Ordinarily in a case like this I would side with the wife who has been dumped by her husband, and is “in the way” of her ex’s happiness.


In this case, Deborah is such an awful person, she deserves El Colmillo for a husband.
She has only two emotions:
Yelling and Manipulating.

When she’s not busy yelling at people, she is lying to them, torturing them, burning them with irons and hot coffee, and trying to have them deported.

Just once I would like to see her have to help with the extremely lavish breakfast service for El Colmillo at The Breakfast Club at the La Colonia clubhouse.

One morning with her and El Colmillo might take the rat poison voluntarily.

Don’t miss this show tonight!!



1 comment on “La Gringa Novelera: Deborah is obstacle for Jacob and Maria affair on ‘Bajo el Mismo Cielo’

  1. Gayle Benitez

    AND Rodrigo told Greicy he is not in love with her!


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