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La Gringa Novelera: Better news week ahead on ‘Bajo El Mismo Cielo’?

By Gringa NoveleraTV ContributorTwitter | Facebook
By Gringa Novelera
TV Contributor
Twitter | Facebook
Bajo El Mismo CIelo - Telemundo

Que tal?

It’s Sunday night, and I think we are all ready for a new week of the ‪#‎Telemundo telenovela #‎BajoelMismoCielo‬!

Between the shocking, untimely death of our favorite NovelaDog Flag,
the shocking and untimely breakup of Carlos and Adela Morales,
and the impending breakup of Luis and Susy Sanders AND her headbands, which is neither shocking nor untimely because they are teenagers and the entire Sanders family is under the spell of that battle axe Mrs Sanders,
we are all hoping for a better-news week ahead!

Luis and Carlos both lost their girlfriends and their dog in the same week, and it doesn’t get much sadder than that…unless of course they get another visit from Felicia Méndez.

Felicia is very much the George Costanza of this novela. In #‎Seinfeld, George was famous for his credo “It’s not a lie if you believe it.”

No one stands by her own lies more than the pregnant Felicia, and she has convinced everyone that Carlos is the father. It won’t be so easy to convince Willie, the REAL father of her child about that though.

He knows what a world-class liar Felicia is since she managed to convince him to kill her first husband, claiming that she could not go on a date with Willie unless her husband was dead.

Only Felicia would think that murder is preferable to a garden-variety extra-marital affair.
Maybe that’s because if she was caught having an affair she would LOSE the restaurant as opposed to GAINING the restaurant with a murder.

And there is another guy just waiting to claim Felicia’s baby as his own, even though he’s the only man in this love- rectangle who can know with absolute certainty he’s NOT the father:
El Colmillo.

Of course Carlos is too good for Felicia.
And at this point Willie is too good for Felicia.

But El Colmillo is just the right amount of Bad, as in 1000%, for her.
And Felicia can’t deny her growing attraction to him:
It’s similar for the love the Italians had for Benito Mussolini:
He made the trains run on time.

That is right up Felicia’s crazy alley.

Let me tell you something: if Felicia would have been in Pre-World War II Italy, she would have been El Duce’s
campaign manager.

I want to see Felicia and El Colmillo get married.

I want to watch her drag him to a Couple’s Baby Shower.

When he gets a glimpse of this particularly tortuous form of torture that is also LEGAL he will make Felicia the Vice-Chairman of the LaColonia Board.

Who will raise the baby?

Maybe they can convince Ramona and Juana to leave their current employers, who are as crazy as they are white, for the greener pastures and the lavish breakfasts of La Colonia.

More to come mañana!!

I hope that Adela becomes the Woodward & Bernstein of L.A., and exposes Mrs Sanders as the Richard Nixon of telenovelas.

Keep Calm and Watch Novelas!!

1 comment on “La Gringa Novelera: Better news week ahead on ‘Bajo El Mismo Cielo’?

  1. Gayle Benitez

    Hola Gringa, I have been wondering where you’ve been. The death of Flag was SOOOO sad!
    I wonder if El Comillo will have someone start tasting his food after what happened to Yei. Willie sure messed that up! Will Sharon tell?
    I didn’t get what Tia Maria said to idiot Rodrigo, but clearly she was giving him a piece of her mind.
    Chabella is the sexiest woman on the show. Sorry Adela.


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