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Jimencio drops ‘Mi Ultima Disculpa’ EP; Splits with Hacienda Records

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Jimencio released his Mi Ultima Disculpa EP on Monday.

Rising singer-songwriter Jimencio released his new EP, Mi Ultima Disculpa, on Monday and announced his split with Hacienda Records.

The new EP features a mix of club cumbias & Latin pop.  It includes five tracks, including cumbias like “La Senal”, “Lo Que Te Falta Mami”, “Me Mata”, “Me Facinas” and Latin pop track “Nanga Ti Feo”.

The EP is available now at for just $6.00.

The singer decided to part ways with Hacienda Records, just five months after signing with the legendary record label.

Jimencio released a statement about the split to

“I first signed with them in 2015 the beginning of February in hopes to be apart of a musical family that could take my music to higher limits, knowing that they are a Conjunto label I was kind of iffy to sign. But, I was assured by Hacienda Records that they could accommodate what was needed to make the album work; musicians, producers and promotion.

Unfortunately, they were unable to hold up their end of the bargain. Leaving me to work on everything on my own again.

The deal wasn’t all that solid from the beginning; being I had to pay for all up front costs of my own album – no budget – no marketing team, etc. Once I signed I realized that they were unable to fulfill their end of the deal – Still knowing I gave them the benefit of the doubt and it still ended with us parting ways. I respect Hacienda because of all of their years of music and amazing history of holding most of the big names in this industry at one time.

However, Hacienda is not new artist friendly.  You will have to have your own investors & marketing team & manufacturer, if you want your material to sound, look, and feel industry standard.

Again, I respect all of the staff of Hacienda.  I just made the mistake in signing with them as a Cumbia/Latin Pop/Bachata Artist.  I wish them all the best in all they do & I hope God continues to bless their establishment, and I hope they wish the same for me and my music. ”

Listen to “Me Facinas” from Jimencio

3 comments on “Jimencio drops ‘Mi Ultima Disculpa’ EP; Splits with Hacienda Records

  1. I rarely comment on articles, but I was thrown back by your statement that I had to comment. Here are my thoughts. Shame on you for printing a one sided article discrediting a historic record label that hundreds of artists have recorded with. I find it hard to believe that an established record label with a great track record would not make a recording agreement firm from the get go. If you get duped in a deal it’s not good business for you to go around and trash the other side because you obviously didn’t read the agreement you signed. It would be interesting to see the said agreement. To say that a label is not “new artist friendly” is just a cry baby excuse! You claim to know the history of the company and yet make this statement. There have been a number of big artists that got their start with Hacienda Records. Jimencio you say that you respect every one at Hacienda Records and yet your statements say something different.

    What it sounds like is that you wanted a fairy tale record deal that quite frankly doesn’t exist today with any record label. The music business has changed. Why would a label invest their money in you when you don’t invest in yourself? Labels everywhere big or small, are not looking for an unknown talent. What they are looking for is someone who believes enough in themselves to make an investment, have a fan following, hungry for the business, and willing to learn. It sounds like you have a big chip on your shoulder, if you do then that would make you hard to work with, and if you are hard to work with then no one will want to work with you.

    Because you are an “unknown”, the last thing you should be doing is trashing a record label that was probably trying to help you. This is not appealing to other labels. If they see that you are trashing one label what is to keep you from trashing another label. You need an attitude adjustment. Instead of pointing the finger at everyone else and say that it was their fault you should look at the other fingers pointed at you and take your part. Don’t say that you don’t have a part because you do and it is not playing the victim. I have never set foot in Hacienda Records or even know anyone there, but I am willing to bet big money that there was no one there that had a gun to your head and told you to sign the agreement. If you didn’t read the agreement, then that is on you. If you didn’t understand the agreement, that again is on you. You have a lot of growing up to do if you want to make it in the music business.


    • Your either an idiot OR an idiot. I’d put money on that it’s both

      My question is if you have ANY experience dealing with any record label? If so, can’t imagine in what capacity. I’ve personally have dealt with Hacienda records (can’t believe that are still around), anyway, my dealings with them is in that I had song(s) recorded by some of their artists. Believe me when I say that to call them WEAK and Cheap, is putting it mildly.

      AND, If nothing else a record SHOULD have a PR/promotion capabilities to/and help the artist(s) not only to help the artist succeed but/and, the label itself and this label DOES NOT. Its an investment in which BOTH parties could and should win. Even IF the artist does somewhat well, they, the label still sucks. Hell, from what i remember, haven’t been to Corpus in awhile, even the damn building looks like a crack house, they are that cheap and go to great lengths to be so.

      YES, they had fantastic groups and awesome music come out of there but i can bet the artists themselves could tell you horror stories about said label.

      OH, and If anyone, Anyone, has criticism about anything, they should be able to say so without backlash. BUT, people now a days are so sensitive one can’t be honest about things.
      And if you DON’T the things that happen behind the scenes, you shouldn’t talk or post ANYTHING.
      It would be interesting what background you have with Hacienda, if you have any that is.


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